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This page will be used for feature DevelopersAssistant

Repository for that feature is: DevelopersAssistant

Command line arguments (not official)

-m ... means which modules will be included in source tar ball as example, (file operation, thread processes, Django / Rails application) this will be defined by each language and will not be common

-t ... what type of application will used that language (Rails, Django, apache, PHP, ...)

-d ... means dependencies. What packages are needed for that language. We will use dbus connection. Usage will be -d "glibc-devel @development"

-c ... will update configuration files of IDE tool (like vim, Eclipse, ...). After configuration user will have fully configured IDE.

-a ... this will be used for autotools. Each language script can define what will be created and provided by RPM package. E.g. manual pages? Some documentation? Who will create that type of documents

-p ... will call command for creating package (rpm)

-n ... name of the application where will be stored on filesystem. Either as relative path (like ../<application_name>) or as absolute path (as /home/<user_name>/test/<application_name>)

-l ... will turn on some logging operations (this has small priority)