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This is a DRAFT.

PreupgradeAssistant contents Packaging guidelines

How to package a PreupgradeAssistant contents

Naming guidelines

Every Preupgrade Assistant content package must start with preupgrade-assistant-contents which is followed by original package name all lowercase.

For example preupgrade assistant package name mariadb will be named preupgrade-assistant-contents-mariadb in the SPEC file.


  • All packages must Require preupgrade-assistant.
  • All packages must have BuildRequires: preupgrade-assistant-devel. (for macros and checking)


  • All preupgrade-assistant-contents must be architecture independent, i. e. BuildArch: noarch.


  • The macro denoting the parent directory where the package files go is %{_preupgradedir}. This currently expands to /usr/share/preupgrade.

Build section

Nothing special

Install section

Check section

  • You must run %check_preupgrade in check section and it must pass.
%check_preupgrade %{preupgradedir}/Fedora%{preupg_number}_%{postupg_number}/

Files section

Directory ownership

Sample SPEC