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This is a DRAFT.

PreupgradeAssistant contents Packaging guidelines

How to package a PreupgradeAssistant contents

Contents files are packed as a subpackage.

Naming guidelines

Every Preupgrade Assistant content package must start with preupgrade-assistant-contents- which is followed by original package name.

For example preupgrade assistant package name mariadb will be named preupgrade-assistant-contents-mariadb in the SPEC file.


  • All packages must Require preupgrade-assistant.
  • All packages must have BuildRequires: preupgrade-assistant-devel. Devel package contains macros and check script whether contents is valid.


  • All preupgrade-assistant-contents must be architecture independent, i. e. BuildArch: noarch.


  • The macro denoting the parent directory where the package files go is %{preupgradedir}. This currently expands to /usr/share/preupgrade.
  • The macro %{preupg_number} means source system from which system is going to be upgraded like from Fedora 22.
  • The macro %{postupg_number} means target system to which system is going to be upgraded like to Fedora 23.

Build section

Nothing special

Install section

All files from preupgrade directory should be installed into

mkdir -p ${buildroot}%{preupgrade_dir}/Fedora%{preupg_number}_%{postupg_number}/%{name}
cp preupgrade/* ${buildroot}%{preupgrade_dir}/Fedora%{preupg_number}_%{postupg_number}/%{name}/

Check section

  • You must run %check_preupgrade in check section and it must pass.
%check_preupgrade %{preupgradedir}/Fedora%{preupg_number}_%{postupg_number}/

Files section

  • Preupgrade Assistant files and directories are installed into
%dir %{preupgrade_dir}/Fedora%{preupg_number}_%{postupg_number}/%{name}
  • All files except text files should be installed like
  • All text files from content should be installed via
%doc %{preupgrade_dir}/Fedora%{preupg_number}_%{postupg_number}/%{name}/*.txt

Directory ownership

Following directories are owned by package preupgrade-assistant itself.


Subpackage should own content directory

%dir %{preupgrade_dir}/Fedora%{preupg_number}_%{postupg_number}/%{name}

Sample SPEC

Snapshot of mariadb.spec

Name:             mariadb
Version:          %{compatver}.%{bugfixver}
Release:          4%{?with_debug:.debug}%{?dist}
Epoch:            1

Summary:          A community developed branch of MySQL
Group:            Applications/Databases
# Exceptions allow client libraries to be linked with most open source SW,
# not only GPL code.  See README.mysql-license
License:          GPLv2 with exceptions and LGPLv2 and BSD


SourceX:          mariadb.ini
SourceZ:          mariadb.txt

%package -n preupgrade-assistant-contents-%{name}
BuildRequires:    preupgrade-assistant-devel
Requires:         preupgrade-assistant

%description -n preupgrade-assistant-contents-%{name}
The content is used for assessment before upgrading major release via fedup.

# Copy all content files to %{preupgrade_dir}
mkdir -p preupgrade
cp %{SOURCEX} preupgrade/%{SOURCEX}
cp %{SOURCEY} preupgrade/%{SOURCEY}
cp %{SOURCEZ} preupgrade/%{SOURCEZ}

mkdir -p %{buildroor}%{preupgrade_dir}/Fedora%{preupg_number}_%{postupg_number}/%{name}
cp preupgrade/* %{buildroor}%{preupgrade_dir}/Fedora%{preupg_number}_%{postupg_number}/%{name}/

%check_preupg %{buildroor}%{preupgrade_dir}/Fedora%{preupg_number}_%{postupg_number}/

%files -n preupgrade-assistant-contents-%{name}
%dir %{preupgrade_dir}/Fedora%{preupg_number}_%{postupg_number}/%{name}
%doc %{preupgrade_dir}/Fedora%{preupg_number}_%{postupg_number}/%{name}/*.txt