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Virtual UEFI

The idea here is to build UEFI binary firmware images from the BSD-licensed code at which can be used with qemu/KVM instead of the bochs/cbios/whatever images.

To Do list

  • get OVMF to the point that QEMU can reasonably use it
    • implement fw_cfg interfaces
    • figure out how to get to a better build system
      • probably this means an overlay repo that provides static makefiles for our situation
    • CSM is a must-have :/
    • we probably need our own FAT driver


  • suspend/resume
    • probably need a custom S3 handler?
    • S5 should be normal
  • MacOS X support
    • emulated (faked) DMI/ACPI info?
    • do we need graphics drivers for MacOS to do this?
      • they have a vesa driver, so that's one route.
  • Windows 7 support
    • Probably don't need DMI/ACPI tricks
    • no vga bios, so probably do need graphics drivers. Or maybe just fake the VGA BIOS, since it doesn't need to do much.