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Package RHEL License Dependency status Changes needed
389-ds-base X GPLv3+ depends on libdb-devel nothing yet planned
apr-util X ASL 2.0 optional module configure --without-berkeley-db
bind X MPLv2.0 depends on libdb-devel
bogofilter X GPLv2 depends on libdb-devel
clisp GPLv2 Build without the bdb module
cyrus-imapd X BSD does not depend on libdb-devel anymore since f26
cyrus-sasl X BSD with advertising uses libdb for sasldb can use ndbm or gdbm instead, lmdb support in devel
dsniff BSD Depends on libdb-devel last release - Dec 2000
evolution-data-server X LGPLv2+ Part of the addressbook depends on libdb configure --without-libdb, migrated to SQLite?
exim GPLv2+ depends on perl can be used with other DBM libraries (gdbm, tdb)
hail GPLv2 depends on libdb-devel, upstream dead?
heimdal BSD nad MIT configure --without-berkeley-db, use LMDB
httpd ASL 2.0 depends on apr-util-devel Use apr-util-devel compiled without BDB
httpd-itk ASL 2.0 Use httpd-devel compiled without BDB
iproute X GPLv2+ and Public Domain arpd binary depends on libdb-devel build without arpd (patch the config script) or rewrite it to use something else
ipv6calc GPLv2 depends on libdb-devel contacted upstream, probable change to LMDB. Needs perl-LMDB_File in Fedora/EPEL
isync GPLv2+ depends on libdb-devel libdb an optional dependency, mdconvert for backward compatibility with libdb
jabberd GPLv2+ depends on libdb-devel
jigdo GPLv2 with exceptions uses libdb for file cache configure --without-libdb
libapreq2 ASL 2.0 depends on perl-devel, apr-util-devel, httpd-devel
libdb BSD Drop the package :)
libetpan BSD configure --disable-db
libgda LGPLv2+ configure --without-bdb
libpinyin X GPLv3+ depends on KyotoCabinet since f24
libserf ASL 2.0 depends on apr-util-devel Use apr-util-devel compiled without BDB
libsolv X BSD depends on libdb-devel because of rpm build rpm without libdb-devel, rewrite to accomodate for rpmlib changes
libzhuyin dead.package
lizardfs GPLv3 and ASL 2.0 and Boost depends on libdb-devel possibly none needed (due to GPLv3)
mod_gnutls ASL 2.0 depends on apr-util-devel Use apr-util-devel compiled without BDB
mod_security ASL 2.0 depends on httpd-devel Use httpd-devel compiled without BDB
nmh BSD can be used with gdbm
nss_updatedb GPL+ depends on libdb-devel required compatibility with nss_db (uses the same DB file)
nvi BSD depends on libdb-devel
open-cobol dead.package
opendkim BSD and Sendmail configure --without-db --with-lmdb -> Use LMDB
openldap X OpenLDAP libdb used for deprecated backends configure --disable-bdb --disable-hdb -> use LMDB
opensips GPLv2+ has a module for Berkeley DB exclude db_berkeley from built modules
pam X BSD and GPLv2+ pam_userdb module for auth against Berkeley DB configure --disable-db to disable bdb support
pam_abl GPLv2+ depends on libdb-devel
pam_ccreds GPL+ depends on libdb-devel upstream open to patches for alternatives
perdition GPLv2+ can use other alternatives, GDBM by default configure --disable-bdb to disable building with libdb support
perl-BDB GPL+ or Artisti dropping the package
perl-BerkeleyDB GPL+ or Artisti dropping the package
perl-DB_File X GPL+ or Artisti dropping the package
perl-Digest-MD4 GPL+ or Artisti depends on libdb-devel?
perl-eperl GPL+ or Artisti depends on libdb-devel
perl-Qt GPLv2+ and (GPL+ or Artistic) depends on perl-devel
php X MIT php-dba module can use libdb build without supporting libdb
pl lots of licenses depends on libdb-devel
postfix X IBM and GPLv2+ can use LMDB CCARGS="${CCARGS} -DNO_DB -DHAS_LMDB" AUXLIBS_LMDB="-llmdb"
python2 X Python deprecated bsddb module build python without the bsddb module
python3-bsddb3 BSD BDB bindings drop the package
qpid-cpp ASL 2.0 depends on libdb-cxx-devel don't have anything planned yet
rapidsvn GPLv3+ depends on apr-util-devel, openldap-devel build the packages without libdb
redland X LGPLv2+ or ASL 2.0 uses libdb for storage configure --without-bdb, can use relational DBs as a store
reprepro GPLv2 and GPLv2+ and MIT depends on libdb-devel being ported to SQLite
rpm X depends on libdb-devel upstream added LMDB backend via ed9de199
rsvndump GPLv3+ depends on subversion-devel build subversion without libdb
sendmail X Sendmail uses libdb for email aliases should be able to be built with QDBM instead
sks GPLv2+ depends on libdb-devel no plan to migrate in the near future
spamprobe QPL depends on libdb-devel, can be used with gdbm?
squid X GPLv2+ and (LGPLv2+ and MIT and BSD and Public Domain) external acl helpers (session, time_quota) use libdb rewrite/drop the helpers?
squidGuard GPLv2 depends on libdb-devel
subversion X ASL 2.0 uses libdb for repositories configure --without-berkeley-db, need to convert BDB repositories to FSFS
tabled dead.package
trustedqsl BSD depends on libdb-devel will add LMDB in its next release, drop BDB in release after that
webalizer GPLv2+ depends on libdb-devel without libdb -> DNS/GeoDB code disabled, upstream dead
xemacs GPLv3+ possibly none needed, can be built without supporting libdb
zinnia BSD build without libdb?