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John Poelstra, RHCE

$ whoami

Hi, I'm John!

I was Fedora's first Program Manager. This meant I helped with general project management and acted as the Feature Wrangler for new features in each new release and with the help of some others drafted and implemented the first official Fedora Feature process. I also did project management things like proposing and updating the release schedules, chasing blocker bugs, and facilitating our release readiness meetings.

I worked on the Bug Triage process and served as a Fedora Board member during the or Fedora 12 and 13 release cycles.

My Project Goals For Fedora Were

  • Releases that ship on time
  • A clear list of Features and their status for upcoming Fedora releases
  • Predictable schedules that people can trust
  • Detailed schedules that remind everyone what it takes to complete a release and when those tasks need to be completed to finish on time
  • A smooth running new Feature process
  • A well maintained bug tracking system


I'm not currently active in the Fedora community, though I do run Fedora on one of my notebooks that I use in my role as Product Marketing Manager at Red Hat where I've worked since 2004. I often draw on the experiences and lessons I learned in Fedora while helping to guide the direction of OpenShift PaaS and the community we are working to develop there.

How to Reach Me

  • IRC: with the nick poelcat
    • Channels: #openshift
  • email: poelstra at fedoraproject org

What I'm Thinking About

More On My Background