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Be The Feature Wrangler

  • This page is an attempt at collecting the regular tasks of the Feature Wrangler so that others can help out.
  • The Feature Wrangler has two main purposes:
    1. Keep the feature pages organized and consistent
    2. Filtering submitted feature pages and submiting only completed feature pages to FESCo for review

Proposed Features

  • Set a page watch for the current release. For example:
  • As new pages are added review them for completeness
    1. Are all the sections complete?
    2. Does the information presented make sense and compatible with Fedora's mission?
    3. Do all the sections contain solid information?
      • "Will add later" or "Not applicable" does not count--if this is the case the feature should remain in Category:ProposedFeature
    4. Add review comments to the "discussion" tab
  • If the only incomplete sections on the feature page are Documentation or Release Notes make an attempt at completing them yourself. It may also be a good idea to check with the feature owner to see if they agree with what you have done, although they are most likely watching the page.

Sample Text For Very Incomplete Feature Pages

  • Add to the discussion tab--also known as the talk page
= Feature Wrangler Review (2008-07-10) =

Thank you for creating this feature page.  You have set it to 
Category:ProposedFedora10.  This means you are requesting that 
FESCo review it for acceptance at its next meeting.  

A number of the sections are incomplete which means your page is 
not ready to be reviewed by FESCo.  It has been moved to 

When you have completed all of the sections of the page following 
the template at [[Features/Template]] 
and wish to request that your feature be considered for acceptance, 
please change the category to Category:ProposedFedora10.  For 
consistency all features must use the same section names and headings 
as the template.

A complete description of the feature process is here:

If you have questions about the feature process or need help filling 
out your feature page please send an email to 
or ask for help on irc.freenode.devel on #fedora-devel

FESCo Meeting Followup

  • Review the meeting transcript from #fedora-meeting
  • For each feature that was voted on take appropriate action

Accepted Features

  1. Change the category of the individual feature page to Category:AcceptedFedora10
  2. Add the feature to the master feature page for Fedora 10: Releases/10/FeatureList (maintaining alphabetical order)

Un-Accepted Features

  1. Change the category of the individual feature page to Category:ProposedFeature add a brief comment explaining why
  2. Edit the associated discussion page and add detailed information about what needs to be fixed or updated