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= Poelcat's White Board =
I'm keeping this page here as a place to hold random ideas and stuff I come across that needs to find a home later.  This is a ''white board'' where everything here is a subject to change or removal (preferably by me).
== Possible New Features ==
* Change the marketing name of "development" to "rawhide"
* Re-branding
* Clear and consistent documentation project wide when using the terms "development" and "rawhide"
* Better documentation around how releases work
* roadmap--
* Bugzilla clean up and administration--is this a feature?
* Fedora Bugzilla front page
* faster wiki?
== Possible Schedule Items ==
* Mass rebuild
* Merge reviews--specific days? completed by a certain milestone(s)?
* QA Bug Days
* Dates for release policies and procedures to be finalized
* Dates for mass BZ closure
* Specific kernel freeze date--avoid last minute problems w/ F7?
* More detailed sub-schedules for certain groups in general
* used to track progress and flag problems earlier
* transparency
* education--more information about what it takes to do a release
* Freeze rel-eng tools (koji and punji)?
* Freeze Bodhi?
* Milestones for bugzilla cleanup?
== Other Random Ideas ==
* write proposal for reducing the backlog of Bugzillas, including possible auto-close process/policy

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