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I am Pradipta, staying at Kolkata, India.

Currently, I am a member of the Fedora Ambassadors. Moreover, I work with a company called Cuprom as a system analyst.

I don't remember exactly when I started using GNU/Linux. It was most probably RHEL3. But I remember those days when the graphical environment was not so good. Installing was not this much easy ... and I liked the adventure (It really was!!!). That was how it all started.

After that I have followed every release. But in Fedora, I saw the constant urge to improve and sticking to some basics, that's why I am still with Fedora. And I plan to continue.

But Fedora or not, I always dream of a free world, where people can freely think, express and act.

Let's take small steps together towards that freedom.

Promote Free Software. Promote GNU/Linux.