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A simple validation test case for Zezere-ignition on Fedora IoT Edition.


Deploy and boot a Fedora-installed disk image on the hardware of your choice. For instructions on deploying a Fedora-installed disk image check the disk deployment test case. The IoT system must be connected to the network via a wired connection only for this test to work.

How to test

  • After the IoT system has been booted, navigate to the Zezere provisioning server on another device:
  • Open the 'SSH Key Management' Tab and add your SSH public key
Ssh key management.png

  • Select the 'Claim Unowned Devices' tab and check to see if the newly deployed hardware is displayed.
Claim device.png

  • Select "Claim". The device should now show up under the "Device Management" tab.
  • Under "Device Management", find the MAC address for your new deployment and click "Submit provision request".
Submit provision request.png

  • There are three options available, to copy the ssh key to the device choose "fedora-installed" and select "Schedule"
Schedule runrequest.png

  • After a short period of time, the ssh key should be copied to the root account of the new deployment. Open a terminal and try to ssh to the root account on the IoT host.


  • SSH public key copied to the newly deployed host. Able to log in without a password.