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This section covers current work and personal goals that are all relevant to my work in Community Architecture, which includes Fedora and other community goals. Each goal has a corresponding task section on User:Quaid/Tasks for goals.

Community goals for 2009

These goals are effective starting February 2009 and continue through calendar year 2009 until the end of fiscal year 2010 in February 2010.

Open source ISV ecosystem

User:Quaid/Plan for FLOSS ISV Ecosystem in 2009

  • Grow the visible presence of open source ISVs in Fedora and related projects.
    • Packaging of various open source applications.
    • Beyond packaging in the distro to appliances and live OS usage.
    • SIG membership increased by N measurement.
  • Catalyze communication between RHEL and EPEL around common problems and solutions
  • Grow activity in the group
    • Increased mailing list traffic by X
    • Increased packagers and users by Y
      • Requires some knowledge of who is using EPEL
        • Can RHN provide this for RHEL customers?
  • Connect this growth back to growth in ISVs in Fedora
    • Get Z ISVs involved

Community-building knowledge

  • Gather community-building knowledge from across Fedora
    • Output wiki pages and categories as a knowledge base
    • Find several maintainers to assist in ongoing maintenance and growth of knowledge base
    • Fedora-specific knowledge primarily


User:Quaid/Plan for FreeIPA in 2009

  • Measurably grow the wider community involvement as participants and contributors to FreeIPA.
    • Measurement currently unset
    • Work with Red Hat and general community members

JBoss and Fedora integration points

  • Seek places for integration of community project efforts
    • packaging
    • packages in Fedora/EPEL
    • Community activity days
    • Cross-participants, cross-contributors

Fedora Documentation

  • Complete transition of leadership and responsibilities
  • Provide mentoring to leadership and new members
  • Assist in all aspects of the project

Summer coding

  • Work to maintain similar mentor, student, proposal, and acceptance statistics as previous year
    • For example, Google is running a tighter GSoC than previous years; maintaining status quo for Fedora would be an excellent result
  • Grow Summer coding marketing expertise from within Fedora
  • Work with mentors from (presuming joint project groupings again)

Personal training and development goals 2009

These are goals for my personal development, related to training or other enrichment.

RHCE re-up

Re-up RHCE status for RHEL 5.

Red Hat University

Take 3 RHU courses in addition to any required courses.

Sugar and OLPC work

Details under User:Quaid/XO development plan.