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I'm Rafik, a 24 years old open source guru from Tunisia.

I'm studying medical biotechnology. Currently, I'm in my end-of-studies semester and I'm working on bacteria at the National Center for Nuclear Sciences and Technologies.

I use Linux-based operating systems since 2004. I've been contributing to some others distros for years, mainly in marketing. I gave dozens of conference speeches about open source software.

I'm also a columnist at a local newspaper. I take care of software news.

I'm currently learning Perl. It's essential for my studies as I'm doing a lot of bioinformatics stuff (bioperl). I do enough good in php/mysql/xhtml/css to say that I do some web dev either for my own projects or as a freelancer. I'm familiar with wordpress, wordpress µ, drupal, vBulletin.

Contact Infos

Feel free to email me or ping me on IRC :

  • Email:
  • IRC: Rafik
  • Fedora Account: rafik