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.:: Md. Shohibur Rahman Khan (Rana) ::.

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  • Name: Md. Shohibur Rahman Khan(Rana)
  • Nick Name: Rana King
  • Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Nationality: Bangladeshi
  • Religion: Islam
  • Email:
  • Phone: +8801911119966
  • Fedora Account: ranaking
  • Location: Dhaka , Bangladesh
  • Language: Bangla , English, Hindi
  • Ocupation: Business, Event Management
  • Organization: Solution9

Short Profile

Hi, I'm Rana. Project Team leader of Solution9 group. We are a group of Solution provider. We provide all type Solutions for Telecom and small voip companies. We work mainly virtually. We have team members from all over the world. Most of them are students from telecommunication or IT related subjects. I have did so many work before in IT sector. I worked in Philippines as well in some IT companies. Few days ago i back Bangladesh. And i started some projects here all related IT. I organize various type event as well. I'm a web Developer as Well. I have developed more than 50 websites by my own. The company website is mine also developed by Mine. I work with joomla, phpbb, vbulletin, oscommerce, wordpress mainly and also work with all type open source and commercial scripts. Both web and wap(mobile site) i work. By the way i'm a DJ and Music Composer as well. People called me DJ Rana King. Basically that is my hobby. I like to do unique stuffs. Design is my another hobby. The Banners of the website of my company is designed by me and i have designed so many stuffs before. I Get so many awards from so many places for my extra ordinary works. To know more about me please search in google with my name or the keyword "rana khan amadermobile" you will get more information. Note: AmaderMobile was my project when i was in college. And that was so much popular. But i stopped that few months ago.

Plan with Fedora

For our own work we need linux os sometime. So we work with those operating system. We mainly work with Centos, Debian and fedora. And We have some plan for Fedora. Next Plan is organizing a Fedora Release Party in Asian University in Bangladesh Dhaka, as i'm not studying here. So i already get the charge from our department to organize that party. So communicating the ambassadors of Bangladesh. And my Plan is we will arrange this type release party in all private university in every release of Fedora. and We join all IT related Fair in Bangladesh, so we can promote Fedora with necessary things (cds, flayras, stickers) to people who will visit us. We are joining Next Basis Softexpo in Dhaka Bangladesh. But good news is one of the ambassadors already take stalls for Fedora. That is good. I hope we can co-operate our Best to promote Fedora in Bangladesh.