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|REAL-NAME= Raphael Groner
|REAL-NAME= Raphael Groner
|HOME= Germany
|HOME= Germany
|FAS-NAME= raphgro
|FAS-NAME= raphgro
|irc-nick= k0Do
|irc-nick= k0Do (alternatives: broccol1, k1Do)
|irc-channels= #fedora-de & others

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Raphael Groner
[[Image:{{{image}}}|none|none|Raphael Groner]]
Personal Information
Birthday: {{{birthday}}}
Birthplace: {{{birthplace}}}
Home: Germany
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: raphgro
Miscellaneous Information
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Twitter: {{{twitter}}} {{{}}}
Jabber: {{{jabber}}}
IRC: k0Do on Freenode in

I am part of the following Special Interest Groups


You can meet me on several events in Germany.