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Rashadul Islam

  • Name:

Rashadul Islam

  • University:

Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

  • Field of Study:

BSc in Computer Science, Specialization in Software

  • Specialization:

Technical Writing, Software development, Canadian Engineering rules and regulations, Artificial Intelligence, Reading

Fedora Events in Canada

  • April 29, 2008 :

Fedora 9 Release Event at Concordia and McGill University

Contact Info.

Contribution within Fedora

Plans with Fedora

  • Organize a Conference for Fedora and related issue upon suggestion in Montreal.
  • Make Fedora and its community Familiar with Mcgill, Concordia and Montreal Communities.
  • Distribution of Fedora
  • To promote Fedora community and Open Source projects.
  • To work as a logistics in Fedora Development

My Image

alt Rashadul Islam