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* [ Fixing .pc files in FFmpeg]
* [ Fixing .pc files in FFmpeg]
* [,_sonames_and_Requires.private.html Requires.private in pkg-config]
* [,_sonames_and_Requires.private.html Requires.private in pkg-config]
=== GIT in Fedora ===
* [ Using git fast-forward merging]
== TODO ==
== TODO ==
* nothing in particular
* nothing in particular

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Contact info

Email: rathann AT greysector DOT net
IRC : Rathann, channels: #fedora-pl, #fedora-devel, #fedora-server, #fedora-mini
JID: rathann at jabber dot org

About me

I work as an associate at the TOTEM experiment at CERN. I like to keep things neat and tidy, so whenever I come across some software that I need and that is missing from Fedora, I package it.

Fedora Contributions


The list of packages maintained by me can be found here.

The list of package reviews done by me is here.

Packages I'm currently working on are listed here

A nice interface to all my packages in all Fedora and EPEL branches.

Packager Sponsorship

I'm a sponsor and I'm always happy to sponsor people who show the necessary skill in creating packages. Contact me if you'd like me to help you become a Fedora Packager.

Here's a list of people I've sponsored so far. If they screw up, tell me.

Special Interest Groups and Committee membership


Useful links

Dealing with TEXTRELs



GIT in Fedora


  • nothing in particular