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The Fedora-7-Test3-KDE livecd is cramped for space.

rpms to consider omitting

arrows represent dependency chains. ?'s represent what appear to be odd/misplaced dependencies, imo.

gnome-ish bits

  • control-center <-- gnome-volume-manager <-- gnome-session <-- pirut (for directory ownership!)
  • echo-icon-theme <-- libgnome (?)
  • evolution-data-server <-- gnome-panel <-- libgail-gnome, fast-user-switch-applet
  • gnome-desktop
  • gnome-icon-theme
  • gnome-media <-- gnome-volume-manager
  • gnome-menus <-- eel2
  • gnome-panel
  • gnome-session <-- pirut (?)
  • gthumb <-- gnome-volume-manager
  • metacity <-- firstboot, system-config-display
  • nautlilus-cd-burner
  • nautlilus-extentions

Much of this ends up falling out once we resolve the gnome-session dep of pirut. Working on that.. -- katzj

largish kde/qt apps

  • kdeartwork
  • kdeartwork-extras
  • koffice-krita
  • libicu <-- boost <-- twinkle
  • tcl,tk <-- scribus

omit other locales

Since this is advertised as an English-only (live)cd, maybe omit non-English locale's too using rpm's trick of setting the macro: %_install_langs en Doing this has the downside of it's nearly impossible to add back support for other locales after installing to the hard drive; adding kde-i18n is simple, readding files that didn't get installed requires reinstalling all of the packages -- katzj