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Ravi Datta Sharma

Fedora Ambassador
rdsharma4u AT fedoraproject DOT org

Former Lecturer of Bioinformatics in Department of Microbiology, C.C.S. University, Meerut.

*e-mail: rdsharma4u AT fedoraproject DOT org

*gpg key: 847C3F63
*key fingerprint:
33DE 4C2D 953A 77BC 078A 51D0 E25A C5C5 847C 3F63


Personal :

  • Name : Ravi
  • Surname: Sharma
  • Date of Birth: 13-08-1985
  • Location: India
  • Fedora-email: rdsharma4u
  • Yahoo:rdsharma_4u AT yahoo DOT com
  • gmail:rdsharma4u AT gmail DOT com
  • Contact: Do mail me

Activity in Fedora Project

  • Fedora Project Ambassador in India(No longer in india now).


Anyone can contact @ the region of Meerut, MuzaffarNagar, Noida to get fedora from me. (Temp. Not available)

Completed my M.S and M.Phil In Bioinformatics.Pursuing in Ph.D(Doctorate)from Tecnun University of Navarra,Spain

Feel free to contact me at