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Richard Fontana

My name is Richard Fontana. Currently I am something of a leech as far as contributing to the Fedora Project is concerned, but I do help out in the course of performing my day job as Open Source Licensing and Patent Counsel at Red Hat.

I am very interested in issues relating to open source and free software law and policy and have given a number of talks on such subject matter, including:

Upcoming talks:

Some articles and essays I've written:

There's an old (2008) news article about Rob Tiller and me joining Red Hat.

I was a Red Hat Linux user for many years, beginning sometime in 1997. I didn't really begin using Fedora until I started working at Red Hat in early 2008. I've used Fedora nearly exclusively since then for laptop/desktop use.

Prior to joining Red Hat in 2008, I worked as Counsel at the Software Freedom Law Center, where I worked on various legal matters for nonprofit free software and open source projects and organizations, the best known of which was my work on GPLv3 for the FSF.


Some Other People Named Richard Fontana

I am not (nor do I know or am I related to): a Yonkers solo practitioner specializing to some degree in PI law, or a Monterey web designer.