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This space is aimed to create a GNU & Linux course for technical users. The idea is to make an up-to-date course on the commandline and its basics while and promoting the FOSS philosophy and Fedora's ideals on the way.

The idea is to develop technical user's skills on the command line and tool set provided by Fedora.

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The Fedorian Way

I like to use this term a lot. Every GNU & Linux distribution has, more less, the same packages. It's the implementation and pre-configuration of these packages that matters a lot.

The Fedorian Way refers to the Fedora Project's way of doing things: where we put stuff, how we deal with stuff, where to add config, etc.

I've seen administrators wreck distributions just because they think they know it all and don't take into count the way a distro configures stuff. For example, I know a great Mandriva enthusiast; who will remain nameless, that has wrecked a Fedora distribution quite a few times because he tries to do things the Mandrivian way and not the Fedorian way. One has to learn the ways of their distribution!

This documents aims to teach that Fedorian Way to users, both newcomers and seasoned pros.


Bash: The Command Line

Basic Commands

Filesystem Hierarchy Standard: Moving Around

Copy, Move, Rename and Delete


Scripting Basics


vi and vim

Secure Shell

Generating and Using Keys


Fedora Tools


Turning On and Off

Starting Automatically at Boot Time

Cofiguration Tools

The system-config-* Tools