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rhcontainerbot currently owned by:

  • Name: Lokesh Mandvekar
  • Email:
  • FAS, Github, Gitlab, IRC: lsm5
  • Matrix:

Packages currently touched by rhcontainerbot:

  1. buildah
  2. catatonit
  3. conmon
  4. container-selinux
  5. containernetworking-plugins
  6. crun
  7. fuse-overlayfs
  8. oci-seccomp-bpf-hook
  9. podman
  10. python-podman
  11. skopeo
  12. slirp4netns

The bot runs at: where it regularly checks for latest upstream RCs or release tags of above packages and does koji builds if new tags are found. Bodhi updates are handled manually by the human mentioned above. In the case of rawhide, bodhi updates will be created automatically, but the human above along with the QE engineer in the containers team will monitor them.