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rhcontainerbot currently owned by:

  • Name: Lokesh Mandvekar
  • Email:
  • FAS, Github, Gitlab, IRC: lsm5
  • Matrix:

Packages currently touched by rhcontainerbot:

  1. buildah
  2. catatonit
  3. conmon
  4. container-selinux
  5. containernetworking-plugins
  6. crun
  7. fuse-overlayfs
  8. oci-seccomp-bpf-hook
  9. podman
  10. python-podman
  11. skopeo
  12. slirp4netns

The bot runs at: where it first checks for latest upstream RCs or release tags of above packages and does koji builds. Bodhi updates are handled manually by the human mentioned above.