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Radka Gustavsson (Rhea)
Radka Gustavsson (Rhea)
Personal Information
Home: Europe
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: rhea
Miscellaneous Information
Private Mail: radka.gustavsson (fish;] redhat [dot;) com
GPG-Key: [1]
IRC: Rhea on in
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About me

The name is Radka, but I'm known as Rhea on the interwebz. I began my career in game development, leaving my C++ code all over the Angry Birds, later on a little bit of C++ and Python in the World of Tanks engine, and a lot of C# in several other released titles and prototypes. I'm currently wearing my Red Hat though. As you could have guessed, I'm working on dotnet, where I'm responsible for the dotnet enablement in Fedora, and all things dotnet-QA related. I love C#, I find C++ a bit too slow to write, and dislike Python for its whitespace syntax... Hate me for it if you want :P

I'm that rare unicorn, a female programmer. And a gamer. I'm an active contributor not only to dev communities, but also to the gaming ones. Grill on the web!

I was familiar with Linux for a long time, and actively started using it somewhere around 2008. My first desktop distribution was Mandriva 2008, later it was Arch Linux and during university I switched to BackTrack, because I studied security and felt like I might as well play around a little bit out of the standard sandbox... As far as servers go my first server experience was with CentOS, then I went through ClearOS briefly, and ended up using unRAID on my home-server. It was an interesting project to set up all the things. After university I went more casual and after I sold my notebook I was left with only my Windows PC and the unRAID server for many years, and eventually built a dual-xeon Fedora server to host various open source projects, chat bots, Nextcloud and the likes. Later with the AMD Ryzen revolution, I upgraded it with 3950x which quadrupled the performance. It's behind the cute apu2c4 (with pfSense) connected to two completely independent ISPs for failover. I wrote all kinds of blog posts about those things!

Oh and I'm running Fedora on my RedHat issue notebooks. <3


  • Website / blog:
  • Email: radka.gustavsson (fish;] redhat [dot;) com
  • LinkedIn: radka-janek (I'm not a professional though!)
  • Twitter: RheaAyase (It's full of silly stuffs!)
  • GitHub: RheaAyase (It's full of private repos! *evul grin*)
  • IRC: Rhea

Me and Fedora