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Richard Vijay
Richard Vijay
Personal Information
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Home: UK
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: richardvj11
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Introduction Hello Fedora Community Volunteers, I am Vijay Richard, IT specialist from UK.

IRC channel : As fedora_richie at fedora ,#fedora-test-day #fedora-ambassadors, #fedora-mktg and other channels.

Recent Fedora Assignments : Fedora Testing GNOME3 with Fedora15.

Reported and following up bugzilla bug 688236,688247,688271,688274.

Part of Upgrade day 3 testing for Fedora 14->15.

My UUID pub_b997f715-39e9-4a12-96ca-0b6d4c8d89d0 smolt.I have started working on translation

Profession : I work on IT for Automotive Research and Design. Full membership and contributing memberships on IASA -International Association of IT Architects

Interests: To volunteer as Fedora's Ambassador, highlighting core values of Freedom, Friends, Features, First in worldwide events and opportunities. To contribute to Fedora along rapid release cycle with Testing,Documentation, Translation.

My Aims for Fedora

Primarily, I would like to spread the word of fedora,its features,vision and mission as an Ambassador for automotive Research and Development community. Help students interested in fedora from developing countries and promote fedora among third world communities. Help other Fedora Ambassadors and its Steering Committee in the required area of work including events planning and organising. Plan and coordinate in organising local highlighter events in england, plan and produce online workshops and casts on installation and maintenance with focus on on specific roles.

My secondary aim would be to contribute on technical aspects of fedora as I would like to contribute on development of HPC, grid computing facilities with focus on FEA,CAE and advanced numerical methods.

I am interested to take up initiatives to develop fedora, make it more focussed on enterprise level client server multi-tier Applications and workstation clients used for CAD,CAM,CAE and PLM applications.

I have started to work on and help in fedora localization and translation to language Tamil ref [1].

I have planned my roadmap for volunteering in fedora as ambassador,tester,content writer for documents, while highlighting fedora in my external blogs. I will help in OS bug fixes,spins,translation and localization, as i move further forward. I am a member of Fedora News Contributor Group.

References' LinkedIn :[2] and others [3]

Twitter Technical [4]

Career Highlights

Role: Project Manager, IT, Jaguar and Land Rover,UK

My Primary role is to provide expert consulting on Client server as specialist for IT enabled Automotive solutions. I have wide experience with AIX,Irix,Altix and solaris based application maintenance.

My previous roles in career include working as Solution Architect for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) strategy & Implementing IT Enabled Product development Solutions to Automotive and Aerospace OEM worldwide.

I have aimed and worked towards reduction in Product Cost and Product Development Time for Automotive and aerospace companies with innovation in process and IT systems.

Having worked on client facing roles For IT enabled Product development across Asia and Europe in Automotive domain, leading a team of consultants for implementing IT enabled solutions for OEMs, I helped OEMs in Management of IT systems for Product development.

I have Worked across corporate and across partner companies for resolving critical issues as single point interface contact. I have represented automotive OEMs in research conferences and published six works in IT enabled Product development, in which i hold an engineering masters. I was interviewed by BBC few years back about my work experience at TMETC,UK

Other Volunteering and Activities

I play cricket,watch movies, badminton, bowling, reading, swimming and music are my free time activites. I have worked on developing IT Applications for Social networking including Facebook ([5]). I keep an eye on Opensocial community as a member and HTML5 standards community member.

I also focus on Linux foundation,LPI and FSF as Free Software Foundation community member.

I am part of testing community for VMBox on windows and Mac, I have worked on Virtualised Type2 hypervisors, installing and configuring Virtualised OS Windows client/servers, Open Solaris, FreeBSD, Fedora 14, OpenSUSE, Open Indiana.

I volunteer for UN, UNESCO and UNICEF & CRY Volunteer, voluntary blood donor. I have created and presently moderating PLM user group consisting of more than 600 PLM experts and related members around the world. ([6]) and i blog as severpress in wordpress.

I hold/held memberships including American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Automotive Engineers, PLM group. Trained & certified volunteer for OFYC - Youth club, UK ( Initiative aimed at motivating youth in philanthropy and social cause) Certified as Youth Leader for club, helping them in team building, management and in IT operations.

Thanks --Richardvj11 23:43, 3 June 2011 (UTC)