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{{Template:Important}}  [ Fedora Venezuela Ambassador]  
{{Template:Important}}  [ Fedora Venezuela Ambassador]  
Email: richzendy AT gmail dot com
Email: richzendy AT fedoraproject dot org
'''Home Groups''' : -
'''Home Groups''' : -

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Edwind Richzendy Contreras Soto

Important.png Fedora Venezuela Ambassador

Email: richzendy AT fedoraproject dot org

Home Groups : -


Hi, my name is Edwind Richzendy Contreras Soto (aka Richzendy). Professionally, I'm a project manager to FOSS company in Venezuela. I'm a Fedora user since Fedora Core 4 and I have ten years using GNU/Linux, I'm working with all the Venezuela community to promove fedora in my country. I do some packaging, some remix, also I'm working with translations and documentation.

IRC: Usually as Richzendy or R1chy on #fedora-latam and #fedora-* channels at freenode

Location: Venezuela , San Cristóbal - Táchira

Language supported: Spanish, English ( just a little ).

Personal Blog

GPG Data

GPG : [1]

to import my key:
$ gpg --keyserver --recv-key 4B24F8B5
to refresh existing keys:
$ gpg --keyserver --refresh-keys

Fedora Venezuela Resources

Fedora Latam Resources


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