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Robert 'Bob'

Contributor, Fedora Project


My first experience with computing dates back to 1972 when I designed my own system from an Intel 8008. At that time there were no development systems or even tool chains. Starting from nothing (beginning with oscilloscopes and eprom burners), I designed and implemented my own tool chain, operating system, and what was to be the first "in-circuit emulator" which I later passed on to Intel at the 1973 National Computer Conference. Not long after that, Intel commercialized their ICE development system which was based on the in-circuit emulation concept.

My first experience with Linux dates back to 1997, long before Fedora was called Fedora. I think my first distribution was Red Hat 4.2 (remember floppy disks?). Since then I've been plying my trade as a software developer for a Fortune 500 company where I've introduced Linux to a largely non-Linux company. I've implemented among other things, an internal international networking system running on RHEL servers positioned in four continents, a system which has been well received by users and management alike.

Other Interests

In my spare time I run the Linux News website, and when I'm not working with Linux, I'm either out flying my Mooney M20J, or am playing with my Amateur Radio hobby.