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This page is for a list of all the things the Cloud WG wants to test on each image.

What we have:

  • EC2 Upload Testcase
  • Openstack Upload
    • Some other related testcases (old)

What we want to test:

  • Image uploads
  • Image boots
  • Services are running
    • ssh
    • install packages from repo
    • cloud-init features
      • install/update packages from a repo
      • ssh keys
      • user data script
      • host name set properly from metadata
    • firewall/root disabled
    • selinux enforcing
    • messages are visible on the serial console (including the ssh host key fingerprint)
    • test behavior when launched into a larger-than-required volume (growroot?)
    • sudo works properly (and specifically for the fedora user, not arbitrary accounts)
    • external config tools work properly (vagrant, ansible, etc.) -- mostly mentioned due to past sudo issues with requiretty
    •  ?

From ticket #4

   package installation via cloud-init succeeds
   package_update: true / package_upgrade: true should work
   Base image qcow2 size not over 250MB ← or some number
   On-disk / not over 600MB at first boot ← ditto 
  • Docker?
  • Big Data?


  • What test-scripts do we have currently?
  • Does everything need to be done from scratch?

Basic httpd test:

  • launch image with httpd-allowed security group
    • cloud-init script automates:
      • install httpd
      • put some static content with known string into place
      • start httpd
    • test that known string is accessible via http