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Where to find me

  • IRC: suehle
    • Most easily found in, #fedora-docs, but always available for a /msg
  • Twitter and (both @suehle)
  • Google+

Amusing things you can make zodbot do

  • Talk to zodbot when nobody else wants to talk to you
    • .bacon
      • zodbot: I love bacon, you love bacon, WE ALL LOVE BACON!
    • .eatbacon
      • zodbot: Yum, Yum, I love bacon, You should buy some too
    • .iwantbacon
      • zodbot: coming right up!
    • .hotdog
      • zodbot: Bow down to your beefy overlord!
    • .beer
      • zodbot: bong
    • .greattaste
      • zodbot: less filling!
    • .fail
      • zodbot: LOL, you suck!
    • .botgamesrule1
      • zodbot: First rule of botgames - there are no rules in botgames
    • .cow
      • zodbot: moo!
    • .ding
      • zodbot: a-ling
    • .duck
      • zodbot: *timebomb duck
    • dingle
      • zodbot: dongle
    • .swedish
      • zodbot: kwack kwack
      • zodbot: bork bork bork
    • .bueller
      • zodbot: Um, he's sick. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious.
  • Show your feelings for others with zodbot's help
    • .beefy user
      • zodbot: Have a Beefy Miracle, user
    • .moar item user
      • zodbot: here user, have some more item
    • .less item user
      • zodbot: user, have less item
    • .more user
      • zodbot: suehle: Error: Sorry, I can't find any mores for user
    • .moarbacon user
      • zodbot: user, here, have some more bacon
    • .moarwork user
      • zodbot: user here, have some more work
  • Zodbot's violent tendencies
    • .slam user
      • zodbot: suehle body slams user
    • .fire user
      • zodbot: adamw fires user
    • .chair user
      • zodbot: user is slammed with a chair
    • .table user
      • zodbot: user is slammed through a table
    • .crane user1 user2
      • zodbot: user1 stands in crane technique like daniel-san and facekicks user2
    • .urmom user
      • zodbot: [random yo mama joke, ex: "Yo mommas so old, she makes Slackware look like beta software."]
    • dvanstonesmom
      • zodbot: [random yo mama joke, ex: "Yo mommas so dumb, she runs Kubuntu64 on her 360!"]
  • Somewhat actually useful sort of
    • .google [topic]
      • zodbot googles for you
    • .fight thing1 thing2
      • runs a GoogleFight for you. Ex:
      • suehle: .fight kirk picard
      • zodbot: suehle: kirk: 64100000, picard: 1410000
    • .fasinfo user
      • zodbot tells you the user, name, email, IRC, timezone, locale and GPG key ID, then approved memberships
    • .wikilink user
      • Tells you how to make a wikilink to that person's name, ex: [[User:rsuehle|Ruth Suehle]]

2012 Event schedule

  • FUDCon Blacksburg
  • SXSW (talks in Interactive and Film)
  • Red Hat Summit
  • SELF
  • OLF (?)


I make cakes. Not long after I started, I made a Fedora cake and a CentOS cake using frozen buttercream transfer, which I'd mostly forgotten about until Max reminded me of it at FUDCon Tempe. So it's not my best ever... maybe it's time for round 2.


And here's a Red Hat one.