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My name is Ryan Jonathan Budiman. I found Fedora when I was browsing my local book store. I bought this one thick book with a copy of the Fedora DVD in it. Back then it was still Fedora 8. At first I'm unsure about whether or not to move from my Windows. But after reading all the documentation in this wiki and other sources, I put all my trust in Fedora and used it as my primary OS until now.

I'm not an expert at Fedora or Linux, instead I can be called as a newbie at this. Well, I only know how to use basic command line utilities (like yum and working with files and directories), code some simple C++ or Java programs (but not the GUI ones), and I know the basic of html, but I prefer making websites using a CMS (Joomla and Wordpress).

I decided to join Fedora Project so I can learn more deeply about Fedora.

Contact info

  • Primary email:
  • Fedora Project account: ryanjb