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== Foss Experiences ==
== Foss Experiences ==
* Helped Setting up a Lab with 60+ Fedora 11 boxes (PXE based network installation) for LAMP workshop in Mepco.
*Have been using Fedora for more than two years.
*Have been using Fedora for more than two years.

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About Me

I am Arun SAG.I finished my under graduation in Computer science and *Engineering* from Mepco Schlenk Engineering college,sivakasi, Tamilnadu.I do write some code in php,bash and Qt playing music behind in rhythmbox. I am known as zer0c00l in freenode and you can see him hanging around in #boycottnovell,#fedora,#drupal #dgplug and #l2c2 .


IRC Nick: zer0c00l

Real Name: Arun SAG

Contact Number: +919994989890

Email: sagarun [AT] gmail dot com

Country: India.

Blog URL: My Blog


 141A,Govt Hospital Street,
 Tisaiyanvillai -627657,

Foss Experiences

  • Have been using Fedora for more than two years.
  • Configured LTSP 4.2 with Fedora 9 as base.
  • Created a drupal based web portal for an international conference.