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About the User

Arun SAG has finished his under graduation in Computer science and *Engineering* from Mepco Schlenk Engineering college,sivakasi, Tamilnadu.He is a fan of Mark Shuttleworth.An aggressive opponent of microsoft and its viral/guerilla marketing strategies and recently he fell in love with QT Software.He can write some code in php,bash and QT playing music behind in rhythmbox. He is known as zer0c00l in freenode and you can see him hanging around in #boycottnovell,#fedora,#drupal #dgplug and #l2c2 .


IRC Nick: zer0c00l

Real Name: Arun SAG

Contact Number: +919994989890

Email: sagarun [AT] gmail dot com

Blog URL: My Blog

Foss Experiences

  • Have been using GNU/Linux for more than two years.
  • Configured LTSP 4.2 when i was in college.
  • Created a drupal based web portal for an international conference.