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About Me

My name is Arun SAG.I finished my under graduation in Computer science and *Engineering* from Mepco Schlenk Engineering college,sivakasi, Tamilnadu. I contribute to the Fedora project. I maintain some emacs addons for Fedora and EPEL. I do write some code playing music behind in rhythmbox. I am known as zer0c00l in freenode and you can see him hanging around in #boycottnovell,#fedora-devel #dgplug and .


IRC Nick: zer0c00l (#fedora-india, #fedora-devel)

Real Name: Arun SAG

Email: sagarun [AT] gmail dot com

Country: India.

State: Tamilnadu

Blog URL: I write here


  • I am a Fedora Ambassador and a Package maintainer.
  • Checkout the packages i maintain [1]