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Arun S A G
[[Image:{{{image}}}|thumb|center|Arun S A G]]
Personal Information
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Home: Bangalore, India
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: sagarun
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail: sagarun AT
GPG-Key: E629112D
IRC: zer0c00l on Freenode in
#fedora-india #fedora #fedora-devel
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I am Arun. I work for Yahoo. I do Linux Engineering at Yahoo. I have been contributing to fedoraproject five years now. It started with attending Kushal Das announcing his dgplug summer training in linux users group chennai mailinglist. If you need anything from me please feel free to send an email.


Here are some stuff i do for Fedora project in my spare time,

  • Package maintainer
  • Fedora Free media contributor
  • Contributed some code to askbot
  • I spoke at Flock 2013 Charleston, SC on "Fedora at Yahoo"
    • Here is the video of my talk