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Personal Profile

Name: Salim Badakhchani

Time Zone/Country: GMT United Kingdom

Basic skills and experiences: Solutions architect, systems administration and integration. Development in C, Java and Python.

Reason for joining: To represent Fedora in a more official capacity

Goals and Aims: Learn how to better utilise Fedora and contribute more to the community. Introduce fedora and the Fedora project to others and have them adopt it as a platform of execution for their daily computing needs.

Contact Details

IRC: salimb

IRC Channels: fedora fedora-devel fedora-ambassadors rhel

Twitter: sbadakhchani



I'm an I.T. Contractor with over 10 years of professional experience in both the public and private sectors. I have broad industry experience spanning banking and finance, telecommunications, recruitment, academia and charitable organisations. I'm passionate supporter of the Free and Open Source software movement and early adopter and advocate of those technologies. I'm the founder of Xenith Consulting Limited, a small technical practice with some big ideas, in its fifth year of business. I'm currently specialising in service provisioning and deployment which em-compasses solutions architecture and design and systems administration and integration. I also engage in software development using agile and extreme programming methodologies in C, Java and Python. I have been a Fedora user since its inception with Fedora Core 1 but I was introduced to FOSS with the release of Red Hat 5.1 whilst working voluntarily at the University of Westminster (London) back in the dot com days. I immediately understood the benefits of the GPL and was very impressed with Red Hats offering. As an consultant I find my self in a powerful advocacy position and I have had great success in persuading large organisations to adopt FOSS technologies.

Advocacy Achievements

2008 - Acision adopts RHEL and HP c7000 blade enclosure for the Next Generation Platform (NGP) Voice mail offering.

2005 - Royal Bank of Scotland's Linux Early Adopters Program (LEAP) chooses RHEL for its fixed income and derivatives trading platform.

2003 - University College London deploys High performance cluster running Red Hat 7.1 used to speed up gene sequencing lead times.

Fedora Project

Unfortunately balancing a busy working schedule with my community commitments is proving difficult. I'm currently working on a service provisioning solution written in Java and developed on Fedora. This is gives the chance to advocate Fedora and my software at the same time. I hope to spend more time on Fedora projects with a focus on embedded mobile technology offerings. I also want to continue my advocacy work for both Fedora and Red Hat in a more official capacity.