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* Fedora 35
* Fedora 35
  * [[Releases/35/ChangeSet#Make_btrfs_the_default_file_system_for_Fedora_Cloud|Switch Fedora Cloud to Btrfs]]
** [[Releases/35/ChangeSet#Make_btrfs_the_default_file_system_for_Fedora_Cloud|Switch Fedora Cloud to Btrfs]]
  * [[Releases/35/ChangeSet#Build_Fedora_Cloud_Images_with_Hybrid_BIOS.2BUEFI_Boot_Support|Hybrid BIOS/UEFI for Fedora Cloud]]
** [[Releases/35/ChangeSet#Build_Fedora_Cloud_Images_with_Hybrid_BIOS.2BUEFI_Boot_Support|Hybrid BIOS/UEFI for Fedora Cloud]]
  * [[Releases/35/ChangeSet#Memory_Constraints_macros_for_RPM|Memory Constraints macros for RPM]]
** [[Releases/35/ChangeSet#Memory_Constraints_macros_for_RPM|Memory Constraints macros for RPM]]
* Fedora 34
* Fedora 34
  * [[Releases/34/ChangeSet#Enable_btrfs_transparent_zstd_compression_by_default|Enable Btrfs transparent zstd compression]]
** [[Releases/34/ChangeSet#Enable_btrfs_transparent_zstd_compression_by_default|Enable Btrfs transparent zstd compression]]
  * [[Releases/34/ChangeSet#Enable_systemd-oomd_by_default_for_all_variants|Enable systemd-oomd]]
** [[Releases/34/ChangeSet#Enable_systemd-oomd_by_default_for_all_variants|Enable systemd-oomd]]
* Fedora 33
* Fedora 33
  * [[eleases/33/ChangeSet#Make_btrfs_the_default_file_system_for_desktop_variants|Switch Fedora desktops to Btrfs]]
** [[eleases/33/ChangeSet#Make_btrfs_the_default_file_system_for_desktop_variants|Switch Fedora desktops to Btrfs]]

=== Packaging ===
=== Packaging ===

Latest revision as of 19:40, 13 January 2022

Michel Alexandre Salim
Personal information
Location: Pacific Northwest, USA

GPG key: 5DCE2E7E9C3B1CFFD335C1D78B229D2F7CCC04F2
Contact information
Twitter: michel_slm
LinkedIn: michelslm
GitHub: michel-slm
GitLab: michel-slm

Fedora-specific information
FAS name: salimma
Fedora e-mail:
Fedora homepage:

Contact info

Email: michel A michel DASH slm D name

IRC: michel_slm

Fedora activities



I maintain quite a few packages, see the package database for the complete list:

My packaging interests falls under several categories; if there is any package you'd want to see packages that I might be interested in, feel free to send an email!

Programming languages

  • Functional languages (esp. Lisp dialects and Lua)
  • compiler frameworks (e.g. LLVM)
  • scripting languages (esp. Python)
  • GNOME-related languages (e.g. Vala)


  • GNUstep
  • ROX


  • Board games
  • Cross-platform games


  • bti, a command-line Twitter client
  • rlwrap, a wrapper for readline


See the full list

I am a packager sponsor; if you are new to Fedora and am looking for sponsorship, do contact me; especially (but not necessarily) if your packaging interests coincide with mine.

I was sponsored by Toshio Kuratomi, and have sponsored the following wonderful folks:

Proven packager

I am a proven packager, and can commit to packages I do not directly maintain; if you need a packaging bug fixed and the primary maintainer is non-responsive, let me know.


I have an interest in porting useful software from *BSD operating systems to Linux. My first port is cpdup, and I am currently porting the DragonFly Mail Agent. Both are from DragonFly BSD.