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Usual name: Sam
Legal Name: Sam Friedmann
City, Country: Brisbane, Australia
FAS username: samfreemanz
Profession: Technical translator (EN into fr-FR)
Employer: Red Hat

I am newly employed at Red Hat as a technical translator and although I do not have an IT background I have studied translation and hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Translation Studies with a strong emphasis on Localization.
I am also relatively new to Linux-based products but eager to learn more about it. As I am relatively new in the industry I would be interested in doing a bit of everything (websites, softwares, docs, etc.)

GPG KEYID and Fingerprint:

[sfriedma@sfriedma ~]$ # gpg --fingerprint B0B36184 pub 1024D/B0B36184 2009-03-27
Key fingerprint = 6AA3 B082 EB63 58BE B61F 0559 4DE1 870D B0B3 6184
Sam Friedmann <
sub 2048g/A328575F 2009-03-27