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As of 01Nov2010, the page is not maintained any more and may not reflect the current information.

If you are planning to organize a Fedora event this is the page you should be reading.

  • I want to organize a Fedora Event - I need support

If you are planning to organize a Fedora Event (for example, a Fedora Activity Day) the first thing we would love to have is a plan. The plan should include the following :

    • Date+Time of the event,
    • Venue of the event,
    • Intended Audience, Schedule for the day,
    • Names of folks who are responsible for sticking to the schedule.

Once you have all this jotted down, raise a New Ticket using this link. Please note, you need to have a Fedora Account for opening a ticket.

A few Fedora folks will spend some time going over your plans and, request you to come up with the budget. The projected budget figure will be discussed and, approval will happen post approval. Once you have an approved event, please make sure that you list it on this page.

Ideally, here's what we are looking to understand:

    • What is the nature of the the event (install fest, FAD, workshop etc) ?
    • Are you an existing Fedora Ambassador ?
    • Is this your first event ?
    • If you answer 'No' to the above question, can you point to the report of the previous event(s) ?
    • Is this a single talk around Fedora ?
    • If you answer 'No' to the above question, is this a complete day of Fedora centric talks/workshops ?
    • What is the level of the audience that you expect ?
    • Are they already using Fedora ?
    • Do you have a tentative agenda for the event ?
    • Have you contacted some speakers who would be handling the items around Fedora ?
    • Are you part of the organizing team ?
    • Are you responsible for ensuring that the Fedora event is a success ?
    • Have you nominated anyone to report on the event ?
    • Do you have a website or, a brochure giving details about the event ?
    • How you are planning to measure the success of the event ?

Please ensure that you mail me the original receipts (note: original receipts and not scanned copies) at the following address

Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay

Red Hat Software Services India Pvt Ltd

Tower 10, Level 1, CyberCity

Magarpatta City


Pune 411013