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Sarup Banskota
Sarup Banskota
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Home: India
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FAS-Name: sarupbanskota
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Private Mail: sbanskota [08] gmail (dot) com
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IRC: banas on Freenode in
#fedora-design #fedora-india
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I'm a 20 year old student from India, excited about FLOSS tools, people and events. Oh, and I especially love FLOSS designers, so I'm trying to be of help. Try GlitteryGallery!

Presence in Fedora

I've been involved with the Fedora project for almost two years now. I'm part of the design team, mostly directing my efforts towards GlitterGallery. I'm also Fedora Ambassador for the Asia Pacific region.

  • I've co-authored GlitterGallery for the Fedora design team. v0.1 is out, though we're still shaky with getting it adopted. Read about it or help us deliver faster.
  • I'm working on extracting the nice bits from GlitterGallery, and inventing nicer bits to create a front-end framework/kit called Embrace. Here's the discussion.
  • I'm mentoring two students and working on creating a better experience for folks to get onboarded onto the Fedora Project. Read about it: [TODO blog post, expected Nov 9, 2014]. Here's my talk from Flock 2014 that sparked it.
  • I'm mentoring two students and working on creating a platform for folks to store their Fedora work history. Read about it: [TODO blog post, expected Nov 12, 2014]
  • As an ambassador, I'm constantly helping bring new folks to the community, although I have to admit I'm biased towards bringing involvement to the design team and GlitterGallery.

Presence Otherwise

I hang out in several communities and try to help where I can.

  • I'm currently doing the web/infra work for Fossography, the most awesome conference for FLOSS designers to participate. Here's the current progress.
  • I help run the University tech{know}logy club[link], in several ways:
    • Posters
    • Sessions I've helped happen:
      • Python workshops 2013
      • Software Freedom Day 2013
      • Google Summer of Code Meetup 2013
      • Git Workshop 2013
      • Freshers Induction Program 2014 (remotely).
    • I've mentored several students in the past with FOSSy stuff, some of who have ended up on boarding various FOSS communities. Currently, I'm focusing on getting more girl students to participate in FOSS communities, through direct mentoring.
  • I've attended several Ruby India community meetups and conferences as an Opportunity Scholar, and even did a workshop in Mysore.