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Sarup Banskota
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IRC nick: banas
IRC channels: #fedora-design
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About Me

I'm from India, and love advanced realizations of Turing machines. I'm currently pursuing my Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Amrita University, India.

Though I like exploring varied technology domains once in a while, my major areas of interest revolve around the web. I am an avid FOSS enthusiast, and after volunteering for a year in University at various FOSS events, I now intend to contribute.

I'm a hobby designer, and love Fedora's artwork and designs. I'm excited to begin my Open Source adventures with Fedora, and hope to learn new stuff and interesting people ;)

When I'm not playing with design/code, I love to eat, sleep, and travel.


Skills (strong) : Front end web techniques (HTML/CSS/basic jQuery); Object Oriented Programming in Python ad C++

Skills (developing) : Server Side programming with Ruby on Rails

Major Open Source Contributions

I've just started, so there are none. But I'm glad and excited to start my Open Source journey with a community as vibrant as Fedora :) As and when I make worthy contributions, I will update them here.

Glitter Gallery

Over this summer, I intend to work on Glitter Gallery. I'm maintaining updates about it on my blog.