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Contact Information

Name: Sarup Banskota

Address: C-301, Agasthya Bhavanam, Amrita University, Ettimadai, Coimbatore, TN - 641112.

Email: sbanskota08 AT gmail DOT com

Blog: thirstyforcola

IRC Nick / Channel: banas on #fedora-design


Amrita University, Coimbatore, Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science and Engineering.

  • Expected year of graduation - 2015.
  • Currently, have a CGPA of 8.2 (out of 10).
  • Relevant courses undertaken so far:
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Data Structures and Basic Algorithms


  • Programming Languages:
    • Have worked with for at least a year: C, C++, Python.
    • Currently working on: Ruby.
  • Web:
    • Have worked with for at least a year: HTML, CSS, basic jQuery, Bootstrap.
    • Currently working on: Rails, JavaScript,
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux (currently using Fedora)
  • Other relevant skills: git, UI Design


  • Freelance Work
    • Developer, elightgroup
      • Responsible for developing the website, with some supervision.
      • Technologies is use: HTML/CSS/jQuery/Wordpress/PHP
    • Developer,
      • Responsible for designing website individually in a two day period.
      • Technologies used: HTML/CSS/jQuery/Wordpress.
  • Academic Project Work
    • Amrita Dispensary Manager
      • Created as a team of three, and developed over a three month period.
      • Done as part of the Object Oriented Programming Lab course.
      • Responsible for:
        • Modelling of the project - use cases, class diagrams and relations.
        • Coding modules for the Records to be stored, retrieved, updated and deleted by the admin.
    • Automatic Teller Machine - Programming study
      • Created as a team of five, and developed over a two month period.
      • Done as part of the Introduction to Programming Lab course.
      • Responsible for:
        • Modelling of the project - use cases, structures to use.
        • Debugging C code that other team members had written.
  • Open Source Contributions
    • Built a simple UI for the Mozilla webRTC landing page.
      • The page is responsive, and uses Twitter Bootstrap.
    • Working on improving a patch written by me for their automation team.
      • It involves improving a testing library written in JavaScript and updating the tests that use it.


  • National Finalist with Top 15 finish, India Capture the Flag Contest (InCTF - Popular as India's most challenging CTF)
    • Intermediate rounds comprising of traditional CTF-style qualifiers on topics like Binary, Web, Unix, Forensics.
    • On site Finals in Teams of four - responsible for maintaining team's web security and unix strength.
  • International Informatics Olympiad
    • Have been a gold medalist (awarded to toppers of region) in 2009.
    • Have figured in the top 1000 ranks (International) in 2011.


  • Student Partner at Microsoft
    • Primarily involved in learning and promoting Microsoft's Open Source Azure.
  • Volunteer at Tech{know}logy and FOSS Club, Amrita University
    • Helped seniors conduct a session on Python, FOSS and general Programming to College freshmen.
    • Currently in the process of blogging a series of posts for people (esp college juniors to learn more about FOSS)
  • Team lead, Design Team, Astha, The Science Club
    • Responsible for managing and helping the design team with promotion material for various events for the club.
    • Some of my work can be found on my blog.
  • Attended in December 2012.