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Satyajit Ranjeev

I started Linux nearly four years back, actually much before that. Six years ago my dad’s system administrator gave me RedHat Linux. I am not sure which version it was but I did have a tough time installing it. It took nearly an hour an a half before i could see KDE. I loved the icons and the feel of the desktop. Well I left it there. Later I came up on How to become a Hacker by Eric S Raymond. This led me to Linux and thus my Fedora Core 3 established itself into the 80 GB disk of my system. Fedora did not stay long, as SuSE kept alluring me with its beauty but eventually Fedora won the battle. From it began my inseparable journey with Linux. Along came Debian, Mandriva, Ubuntu, Slackware and many more.

After the RedHat Certified Engineer examination I got deeply involved into system administration and also training and consultation on Linux. Then came Perl and other languages including SQL. Then my interest towards fedora made me join the community.

Currently I am a converting a school's computing systems to GNU/Linux and open source applications in Bangkok and creating a LAMP stack. Blog:[1]


  • Email: [[MailTo(satyajit AT fedoraproject DOT org)]
  • GPG key: A1ADC723
  • Fedora Account: satyajit