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'''Email : '''
'''Email : '''
'''Call me at : ''' + 91 9547511716
'''Call me at : ''' + 91 9475889758
'''Country :''' India
'''Country :''' India

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IRC Nick : sayan

Channels Found In : #fedora, #fedora-india, #dgplug

Email :

Call me at : + 91 9475889758

Country : India

Blog :

GPG Key : Import my GPG here :-

$gpg --keyserver --recv-key 59077D73

About me

I am Sayan Chowdhury. I am pursuing a B.Tech course in Computer Science And Engineering in Dr. B.C. Roy Engineering College, Durgapur.I am a resident of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand and I joined Dr. B.C. Roy Engineering College in 2009 after completing my schooling from Jamshedpur Public School, Jamshedpur.

More about me

I am deeply interested in getting involved with the FOSS movement and I am a Fedora user.I learnt C,C++ and BASIC during my schooldays. I am a member of DGPLUG (Durgapur Linux Users' Group) which is involved in increasing Linux awareness in the locality. Also I love play games specially NFS and mission games.I love painting, photography, and listening to music. I often play Counter Strike during my free time.

How did it all start

From my schooldays itself I was a bit inclined to computers and often worked on GUI programs using C++. Then I came to an engineering college and during our college Techfest, HORIZON-2010,Kushal came to college and gave a brief introduction about Fedora and Python. Though I had heard the name Fedora but didn't knew much about it. Kushal then talked about the website , Google Summer of Code and various other things. I really liked the session.I talked with Kushal,Kishan and Ratnadeep. After the session I often visited Kishan and learnt to install Fedora in a laptop. I got Fedora installed in my HP dv4-2106TX laptop. Intially my pre-installed Windows crashed and after that I installed Fedora 13 completely removed Windows. The main turn took when I attended the Summer Training arranged by #dgplug.

Summer Training 10

The summer training proved to be greatly helpful in making me acquainted with various FOSS tools like svn, wiki, mailing lists, blogging,etc. We were taught some basic C, python. We were also taught about the shell, vim, gcc, gdb, etc. It really proved to be great summer. It's a long journey ahead and I'm just getting started