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About me

I'm a part of the Anaconda team at Red Hat. Specifically, my work tends to focus on support for secondary architectures (s390x, PowerPC) and text UI.

Prior to coming to Red Hat, I was a Linux sysadmin at an engineering school. My work there involved service migration/consolidation, automating and customizing kickstart installs, packaging custom RPMs and learning an awful lot about package management, making various tweaks to the security policy, and a small amount of identity management.

Non-work interests of mine include SELinux, modular origami, writing, breakfast, and Star Trek.


  • Email: sbueno at redhat dot com.......
  • IRC: sbueno on freenode
  • Fedora Account: sbueno
  • Time Zone: EST5EDT
  • Location: Cambridge, MA

SELinux and virtualization

A lot of people I know turn SELinux off in order to get virtualization working. Not cool. If you're having problems, these are the minor tweaks I made to SELinux on my F17 system to get things running smoothly. These notes are copied from my workstation runlogs, so excuse the brevity. Hopefully I didn't accidentally leave anything out since I worked pretty quickly. Of course, these notes come with the standard warning of, "It's likely I've done something correct-but-badly and/or inefficiently, so follow these at your own risk."

  • selinux tools; probably don't need all of these, but I like them there

yum install policycoreutils policycoreutils-newrole policycoreutils-restorecond setools setools-console policycoreutils

  • by default I make /var about 08GB; unfortunately, libvirt stores images in here, so space quickly becomes an issue for me; no matter, just move things elsewhere..../scratch is just a partition I've carved out for miscellaneous storage--perfect, for my needs here, in other words.
cd /var/lib
mv -f libvirt/ /scratch/
ln -s /scratch/libvirt/ .
# now fix the selinux fcontext for that dir
restorecon -R -F /scratch/libvirt
semanage fcontext -S targeted -a -t var_image_t "/scratch/libvirt(/.*)?"
semanage fcontext -S targeted -a -t var_image_t "/var/lib/libvirt(/.*)?"
restorecon -vv -F /scratch/libvirt
restorecon -vv -F /var/lib/libvirt
  • change selinux user mapping for my user created at install time

semanage login -a -s staff_u sbueno

  • change the default selinux user mapping for future new users (don't want any unconfined_u's running around....)

semanage login -m -S targeted -s "user_u" -r s0 __default__

  • time to fulfil virtualization needs

yum install qemu-kvm libvirt-daemon-kvm qemu-kvm-tools virt-manager x3270-x11 tigervnc

  • fix some booleans since virtualization is a cluster of AVCs by default
# HINT: you can do this via setsebool -P also, but you can only change one
# boolean at a time that way, meaning the policy will need to be recompiled
# for every single boolean you want to flip; do it this way and only recompile
# the policy once
semanage -S targeted -i - << EOF
boolean -m --on staff_use_svirt
boolean -m --on virt_use_execmem
boolean -m --on virt_use_nfs
boolean -m --on virt_use_sysfs
boolean -m --on virt_use_usb
boolean -m --on virt_use_xserver
  • If your SELinux user mapping changed (ex. from user_u to staff_u), you probably want to log out and back in again. Aside from that, you should be good to go.