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= Jef van Schendel =

== Bio ==
I'm Jef, a [[Artwork|Design Team]] member and Industrial Design student at [ Eindhoven University of Technology] in the Netherlands.
I love all kinds of technology and design, and try to help Fedora wherever I can, with anything from graphic to web to interaction design. I'm familiar with Inkscape and GIMP, and can do some light coding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript or Processing.
I also love open source software, English comedy, swimming and pasta. Whenever possible at the same time.
== Contact ==
* '''IRC:''' schendje, usually lurking #fedora-design
* '''E-mail:''' [mailto:jefvanschendel%40gmail%2ecom jefvanschendel AT gmail DOT com]
* '''''' [ schendje]
Feel free to talk to me anytime through either of these! I speak English and Dutch. :)

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