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Current www.fpo content


The current header only contains the Fedora logo and slogan.


  • A simple text title, "Fedora 13: Rock It!"
  • A big banner for F13, which links to the one page release notes.
  • A links that says "What's new in Fedora 13? Read the release notes. >>". This one also links to the release notes, but the "real" ones.
  • A small piece of text with a description of what Fedora is: Linux-based OS, latest in FOSS software, free to use/modify/spread, anyone is welcome to join, basically the regular "what is Fedora?" intro text. Link below it says "Learn more. >>" and links to Overview.
  • A big light blue button "Download Now!", which links to get.fpo.


The sidebar contains several links, divided into parts:

- First, another F13 banner (smaller than the main banner but bigger than the download button) which links to get.fpo.

- "Navigation", with links to Home (greyed out, since you're already at Home), get.fpo, join.fpo and Get Help. Basically the most important pages you can go from here.

- "Tools", which has docs.fpo, a wiki link, a Planet link, a Communicate link and an Events link. All of these links have a little description.

- "Website language", with a dropdown menu to change your language.

- "Hosting Sponsor", with an InterNetX logo linking to


The footer is still the old one and will be updated to match the new design seen on and in this mock-up.

I think this is actually that part that needs the least change...

Review of current content

Alright, I think that's all the content on the current page. Now, what's up with it? What can we improve, what's missing, what should be left out?

Feel free to edit all this!
This is all just my opinion and my ideas, if you have anything to add, put it in here or talk about it on the Discussion page! :)