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Andrew Schott
Andrew Schott
Personal Information
Birthday: 26 Jan 1979
Birthplace: Milwaukee, WI, USA
Home: Oak Creek, WI (Suburb of Milwaukee)
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: schotty
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail:
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Jabber: {{{jabber}}}

About Myself

Hello, I am Andrew Schott. I have been a Red Hat user since Red Hat 6.1, and a GNU/Linux fan/user/zealot/addict since Slackware 3.

I am currently working for GE Healthcare in a production role and advocate GNU/Linux nearly daily with my co-workers. I am currently an active EL7 repository maintainer for packages that nobody else wants to create (for whatever reason).


Server administration via Red Hat and OpenBSD

Minor coding skills in Python and Java. Used to code C++ and Pascal much more frequent than the current, not at all. Used to code 6502/6510 assembly back in the day for the Commodore 64

Former IT admin for a telecom, which included wiring and PBX support.

Lover of virtualization. I try to implement most tech using VMs since they are easily ported to another system and backed up.

My Systems

Currently I run Red Hat Enterprise Linux on my personal computers, and Android on my mobile devices.


Feel free to contact me! Below is the usual contact info. You may also visit my website to send me a message.

E-Mail & GoogleChat ID


Steam ID



Ask :P

Current Fedora Project Roles

None currently.