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Ville Skyttä

Email: scop@

IRC: scop (pretty rarely)


Location: Espoo, Finland

I've been a Red Hat user since 6.1 or something, and involved with Fedora since the beginning of the current Fedora's ancestor, I'm currently a member of PackagingGroup as well as other random groups, and sponsor a few contributors.


Too many to list here, see pkgdb. I usually have some new stuff also queued in Bugzilla, and something at , and I'm reviewing packages as I happen to come across ones I find interesting. If you're submitting something that I have in my local repo, chances are that I'm eagerly waiting for an opportunity to get rid of the local package and would be willing to review the submission; feel free to ping me if that's the case, or if you want to convince me that you're more capable/interested/willing to maintain some of my current packagers or have more time than I, or if you'd like to co-maintain something.

About Package Maintenance

I'm very conservative about shipping updates to distro releases I don't use myself, but do like to ship the latest and greatest I've found working especially for Fedora. Usually, I run the latest released version of Fedora on a couple of desktops and not any older releases. Additionally, I run a bunch of EPEL 4/5 server boxes.

If an update to a package for a distro version I don't actively use is not a very trivial one that fixes important bugs or does not have security fixes, it's likely I won't push that update to those distros (yes, that includes Fedora distro versions I don't run).

Regarding maintaining EPEL packages, I'm almost exclusively interested in doing server/command line tool stuff for EPEL 5+. I don't run any real GUIs on any of the EPEL boxes I have, and my EPEL 4 boxes already have what I want installed (and maintained by others).

Co-maintainership is in general always welcome for all packages I maintain, but especially for active but not latest Fedora versions. I would actually like to see people taking primary maintainership for those cases. Also, if you want to (co-)maintain some things I maintain in Fedora for EPEL 5 or 6, just throw me a mail. In a nutshell, things I'm not interested in maintaining include GUI apps for EPEL (any version at the moment), and anything for EPEL 4.