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== Fedora Community Websites Draft ==
Numerous websites exist to provide Fedora users with yet another way of getting help on any issues that may arise. Most of these sites are generated by end-users who wish to impart their learning experiences on users that are new to the Fedora Community.  As such, the information should be taken with a "grain of salt" as  the procedures that may have worked on their particular system may not work on your system. In fact some of these procedures could cause file system corruption, leading to a system reload, if a new user does not fully understand what is being done.  The documentation provided in these sites is provided "as is" and the Fedora Project should not be held liable for any issues that arise.
* []  - Is a site dedicated to providing links and general information pertinent to Fedora Core
* []  - Is a forum based site with the motto "No Questions - Only Answers", it provides solutions to most common prolems experienced by new users to Fedora Core
* []  - Is a site that assists in getting your freshly installed Fedora Core system  setup to be productive for you as a Fedora user
* []  - The goal of FedoraNEWS.ORG is to create a public community news information site for Fedora Users
* []  - Is a site tailored to making Fedora Core x86_64 easier
* []  - Is a site that specializing in news and information about Fedora Core
* []  - This site brings you the user some of the latest Fedora news and Linux related articles
* []  - This is a site dedicated to providing Fedora Related News
* [ Personal Fedora Core 4 Installation Guide]  - Is a users guided installation for Fedora Core 4
* []  - This is a forum dedicated "To Helping the Linux Desktop Stick"
* [ LWN Fedora Security Advisories]  - This Page lists security advisories related to Fedora Core

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Scott Glaser

Well let me begin by introducing myself.

Obviously my name is Scott Glaser and I currently work for Lockheed Martin. My main purpose at Lockheed is to provide technical assistance for the latest Sonar Systems that the US Navy is developing/testing. Most of the newer systems are based on Unix/Linux. I also help generate course content and documentation for these systems which is why I would like to help generate documentation here. My dealings are typically with minimally trained technicians that do not have very much unix/linux experience and help teach them in basic system operation and system troubleshooting. That can be fun at times as I directly contribute to the technical knowledge and other times it can be a hinderance as they only have a minimal understanding of the operating system that their system utilizes.

Contact Information

  • Email: [[MailTo(sonar_guy AT SPAMFREE c-ccom DOT com)]

Usually in:

  • #fedora
  • #fedora-unity
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My e-mails are signed with this key:

GPG key ID: 599000BD

GPG key fingerprint: 61F5 C7DF 2F63 4A53 44D2  B9BE 3841 EA4F 5990 00BD

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