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Scott Glaser

Well let me begin by introducing myself.

Obviously my name is Scott Glaser and I currently work for Lockheed Martin. My main purpose at Lockheed is to provide technical assistance for the latest Sonar Systems that the US Navy is developing/testing. Most of the newer systems are based on Unix/Linux. I also help generate course content and documentation for these systems which is why I would like to help generate documentation here. My dealings are typically with minimally trained technicians that do not have very much unix/linux experience and help teach them in basic system operation and system troubleshooting. That can be fun at times as I directly contribute to the technical knowledge and other times it can be a hinderance as they only have a minimal understanding of the operating system that their system utilizes.

Contact Information

  • Email: [[MailTo(sonar_guy AT SPAMFREE c-ccom DOT com)]

Usually in:

  • #fedora
  • #fedora-unity
  • #fedora-admin
  • #fedora-eol
  • #fedora-bugzappers
  • #fedora-devel
  • #fedora-docs
  • #fedora-mktg
  • #fedora-ops
  • #fedora-qa
  • #fedora-social
  • #fedora-docs


My e-mails are signed with this key:

GPG key ID: 599000BD

GPG key fingerprint: 61F5 C7DF 2F63 4A53 44D2  B9BE 3841 EA4F 5990 00BD

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