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I'm Stuart Gathman. I and my family use Fedora on (single user) laptops and desktop. I joined to try and get my Python milter packages into Fedora. I submit regular bug reports as well. Now, I am actively working on decentralization.

How well does Fedora work for my high school and college age kids? Well, I recently installed a virtual machine running XP Pro on my daughter's laptop. "What do I need that for?" she asks.

My most successful Fedora "evangelism" tool is the hard drive. If someone wants to try installing Fedora, but is afraid to mess up their files on Windows during re-partitioning, I encourage them to buy another hard drive. Safe, no partitioning needed. Desktops can have both drives installed and dual boot. Laptops can mount the Windows drive via USB. And the best part - once the Windows drive sits on the shelf for a while, it is forgotten about.

How to find me

  • IRC: SDGathman - I'm on #fedora.
  • email: stuart AT
  • Matrix:
  • fedora account: sdgathman
  • blog:
  • IRL: I live in Fairfax, Virginia.